Teenage Smoking: The Facts and Effects

Pakistan is no more different from other Asian countries, and studies have revealed that nearly 40% of Pakistani college students indulge in smoking with nearly 1000 youths starting smoking every day. What Makes Pakistani Teens Smoke? The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) had revealed that some 45% of male Pakistani students between ages 17 […]

Is Feminism endangering the culture of Pakistan or making it better?

Basic feminism: Feminism is a range of social movements,political movements and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political,economic,personal and social equality of sexes. When Feminism was introduced it aimed to provide women the basic rights, from which they have been deprived from since centuries.The main goal was to fight against stereotypes who always […]

Jannat Ali | A role model for all the transgenders

Jannat Ali is an MBA Gold medalist Trans woman and has a performing arts research degree. She is the first transgender Activist (Artist + Activist) and Executive Director of Track-T (Trans Lead Community-based organization) working for Trans Rights ‘ advocacy and capacity building. She has organized First Trans Pride in Pakistan in Dec 2018. She […]

Badlay Ga Pakistan’s mission is to create social awareness among masses that are blinded by their self-interest and don’t see the impact of their actions.



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