Jannat Ali | A role model for all the transgenders

Jannat Ali is an MBA Gold medalist Trans woman and has a performing arts research degree. She is the first transgender Activist (Artist + Activist) and Executive Director of Track-T (Trans Lead Community-based organization) working for Trans Rights ‘ advocacy and capacity building. She has organized First Trans Pride in Pakistan in Dec 2018. She has successfully run a literacy program as an educator/consultant regarding the basic education of transgender people by mobilizing and motivating the community members. She is a professional Kathak dancer with more than 4 years of experience and is one of the 6 transgender women who worked as an actress in a theater play “The Third Tune” based on real stories of transgender persons’ lives which has been performed in Lahore, Islamabad and the United States (Yale and University of Texas.). She has conducted lectures and workshops in Denmark and has sensitized 400 students and teachers on Gender diversity, norms, and Performing Arts. She is the first Muslim transgender person to have conducted a Khutba during Friday prayers at the Queer Muslim Conference in South Africa and has also won Queen AIR 2015 and Best Activist 2016. She was one of the key people who presented the bill which has been passed and become Transgender Rights Law 2018. Her Dream is to be the highest educated transgender in the world and make this world inclusive. Hum Badlain Gay Tu Badlay Ga Pakistan. Soch Badlay Gi Tu Badlay Ga Pakistan.

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