Police Behaviour

When you hear the word “Police”, you think of someone who can protect you, someone who’s powerful and uses his power to maintain law and order in society. But unfortunately, the image of the Pakistani police is quite opposite. People actually feel terrified when they hear the word “Police”. Pakistani police use their
power in a negative way which does not serve the purpose of maintaining “law and order”. In Fact, they use their power to exploit the poor and to serve the rich. Some of the people are not aware of their rights and thus face problems when a policeman or any other law enforcer tries to harass them. Mis behavior by police
is intolerable. However, due to the feudal system that is still prevalent in most parts of Pakistan, the police force has always remained under political influence. As a result, they try to consider themselves above law and harass the public. Being an ordinary citizen, one can fearlessly tell a policeman that he should
behave appropriately and in case of non-compliance, he can go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint. The state of Pakistan was conceived in 1947 and inherited the administrative
system used by the British. The policing system in Pakistan had colonial foundations and mindset, it flourished in independent Pakistan as the elites became “neo-colonial-masters” and police failed to become an institution with an aim to serve people. Till date, police have always continued to serve those who
have been in power (Imam, 2011) and probably these are the people that try to give legitimacy to violent actions of the police force by motivating them into such activities for personal or political gains. Pakistan’s police are widely regarded as among the most abusive, corrupt, and unaccountable institutions of the state. Have you ever visited a police station? It will give you an impression as if you have come to a very depressing place. Dirty walls, bad smell, garbage, etc these all things will suffocate you for sure. Funds by the government should be provided so that police stations are renovated and can be transformed into a better place. Modern technology also means the establishment of forensic laboratories and making them available to the police. Salaries of policemen should also be increased so that they work actively. Once the salaries
have been increased, there should be a proper check if any personnel is involved in any immoral activity.
The prosecution department should be made more efficient. Police work in close liaison with the prosecution department. The efficiency of prosecution will ensure it will put pressure on police on performing its duties regarding the conviction of the accused properly.

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