Children Pornography is the virtual representation of a child who is being used in sexual activity to arouse the viewer’s sexual desires. Unfortunately, It is quite common in Pakistan. Many cases are not reported in Pakistan due to unawareness of the victims and their families. According to “Sahil” a non-government organization, in 2018 more than 12 children were abused almost every day in the first six months, which shows a 32% increase in child abuse cases as compared to the first half of 2017. So it means approximately 2,322 children were abused from January to June in 2018 all over Pakistan. Cases of child sexual abuse (CSA) of boys had increased by 47% whereas cases of girls’ sexual abuse had increased by 22% in 2018 as compared to 2017.

It is important to distinguish child pornography from the more conventional understanding of the term pornography.  Child pornography is a form of child sexual exploitation, and each image graphically memorializes the sexual abuse of that child.  Each child involved in the production of an image is a victim of sexual abuse.
However, just because a child appears complacent does not mean that sexual abuse did not occur.  In most child pornography cases, the abuse is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing series of victimization that progresses over months or years.  It is easy for producers of child pornography to groom the victims (children).  The grooming process fosters a false sense of trust and authority over a child in order to desensitize or break down the child´s resistance to sexual abuse.  Therefore, even if a child appears complacent in a particular image, it is important to remember that the abuse may have started years before that image was created.  

Child pornography

Talking about the after-effects that victims normally face includes depression, helplessness, fear, lack of self-control, etc.  Furthermore, victims of child pornography suffer not just from sexual abuse but also from knowing that their images can be shared all over the internet. Once an image is on the Internet, it is irretrievable and can continue to circulate forever.  The permanent record of a child´s sexual abuse can alter his or her life forever. Generally, in Pakistan, violence against children is considered normal among families, schools, and madrassas. Children are taught to be submissive and expected to tolerate violence from the very first day. Pakistan is one of the developing countries but still, it has failed to protect its own children. The Pakistani government should take this matter seriously and strict laws should be made regarding this. There are certain articles enshrined in Pakistan’s Constitution which especially addresses issues of children, For example, Article 11 (3) prohibits slavery and forced labor and employment of children under the age of 14, Article 25 (A) makes it free and compulsory education for all children between the ages of 5 and 16 years. So these articles should be taken into consideration and the government should give strict punishment to those who don’t abide by these. Communities and families can also play a vital role in strengthening the child protection system. They should report such cases immediately and should support, protect, educate, and empower their children by saying no to unwanted touch so that we can tackle this menace in our society

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